The Partners

Casey Schmidt

Founder, Partner

Casey Schmidt is married to Meghan Schmidt, and they have 5 lovely children!  Coming from a family of 4 himself, Casey is a true family man, yet he is proud to be the founder of TactEx Recruitment Advisors.  

Working in corporate recruiting for 13 years, he realized he could make a more meaningful impact by starting an independent recruiting firm.  

Casey's interests are the Green Bay Packers, golfing, exercising outdoors, reading, and maintaining great relationships with lots of people. 

Josh Krueger


Josh is married to Lana, and they 1 dog: Albi (hound-mix).  Josh achieved a degree in psychology because of his love for understanding and relating to people, which translates perfectly into recruiting and hiring.  He also spent the majority of his career in marketing and technology, so he brings years of skills and experience to the table.

Josh's interests are golfing, fishing, exercising, hiking, reading, eating healthy, and socializing with people.